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Crazy Critters!

These wonderful, whimsical creatures are all one of a kind designs created by starting with a wood or metal base and hand painted and decorated with all kinds of found objects! You can spend hours trying to figure out what all the parts are originally from! The whole idea behind this new line of art for me was to create something that makes you smile, laugh and just really feel good! Most are relatively small but really big on color! On average the sizes are about 7" in height and width. Prices may vary a bit depending on the final design, but most of these are $45.

COLLECTIONS are Crazy Critter Families. Anything ranging from small collections of hand carved Critters painted in bright and wonderful colors most of which are mounted on old barnwood and driftwood. The larger collections are the same Crazy Critters found as individual creations except these are put together as families mounted to various old barnwood backdrops. These larger families usually have different sized Critters and usaually have a theme or story to tell! Prices may vary a bit depending on the final design, but most of these start at $45 and go up.

CRAZY CRITTER SCULPTURES are 3 deminsional pieces that look great from all sides! These sculptures are built with multiple layers of wood and then painted in bright and wild colors and decorated with all kinds of found objects. Most are mounted on wonderful large chunks of old mesquite burl and all are finished off with a glossy protective clear finish. Prices may vary depending on the final design, but most of the smaller sculptures start at $55 and the larger sculptures with more layers start at $75.

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Arrow Bird 1

Product ID CC-B

Product ID CC-BB
Belly Bird

Product ID CC-BF-1
Small Bird Family

Product ID CC-BF-2
Black Bird Family

Product ID CC-BF-3
Red Bird Family

Product ID CC-C
Cat 1

Product ID CC-FFSB
Front Facing Stick Bird

Product ID CC-H

Product ID CC-HB
Heart Bird

Product ID CC-HC
Heart Collection

Product ID CC-LH
Large Heart

Product ID CC-R-Sculpture
Fish Sculpture

Product ID CC-RB
Round Bird

Product ID CC-RB-Sculpture
Round Bird Sculpture

Product ID CC-SB
Square Bird

Product ID CC-SH
Small Heart

Product ID CC-TB
Triangle Bird

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