Alans Art
  Artist’s Statement  
Although I am basically self-taught, I was raised in a creative environment by a loving and encouraging mother, herself an accomplished artist. Two other strongly influential artists in my career have been the more contemporary Clark Hulings with his use of light and his embracing total freedom of expression and the incomparable Michelangelo for his undeniable passion, use of color and sheer genius!

Over my 40-year career I have described my work as semi-impressionistic to photo realistic. I apply the oil pigments to the surfaces using the “alla prima” (wet in wet) style in conjunction with more traditional and classical under painting and glazing. My work is instantly recognizable in any setting by its dramatic and powerful usage of color and light.

I paint on a variety of museum quality surfaces, which I individually prepare by hand to create the desired finished working surface. Solely using the oil pigments derived from the old masters formulas, I then apply the pigments with only the finest oils and mediums using my own specific mixtures with a combination of brushes and palette knives.

Born in Lakeland, Florida, Alan revealed an early interest in art. He spent many childhood hours sketching, drawing and painting the wonders of lush lands and shimmering waterways that surrounded him. When he was nine, his family moved to Tucson. It was a strange and exciting new world that greeted the impressionable young artist, a world that would profoundly influence and inspire his future artwork. As Alan gazed across endless stretches of southwestern landscapes, the vast reaches of timeless deserts, rolling hills, majestic mountains and endless sun drenched skies seemed to fuse in an ever-changing panorama of luminous color. "It was love at first sight, I knew I had come 'home!’”

“Since traveling to Italy in 2005 & 2006, where I had the opportunity to study the works of the old masters, I have experienced a dramatic shift in my work; a push towards more detail with the classical style of under painting and glazing. I was moved and humbled by their works, materials used and the conditions with which they worked under and I have been inspired to rededicate myself to artistic improvement raising the bar for me personally.
 My subject matter has always reflected my love of the Southwest: Ancient Native American pottery, desert landscapes, old buildings and pueblos. Today my subject matter has expanded to include my travels in Italy and the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon has become a hiking and back packing passion. No longer the intimidating subject matter, but an incredible natural beauty that I have fallen deeply in love with and am compelled to paint.”

“God has given me a wonderful gift. I feel a deep obligation and responsibility to share that gift with the world in whatever ways I can."

Alan has been managing the Art Barn in Pinetop, AZ. since the early 90’s and producing fine art and craft festivals there since 1995. The Art Barn is well known as the premier location for fine arts and crafts in the White Mountains.  He has also been producing fine arts and crafts shows around Arizona for many years.  Running Bear Productions has become known as the finest quality small arts and crafts shows in the southwest. 

Early in 2008 Alan started the Running Bear Giclee Printing business and with his attention to color, light and detail, has already accumulated a substantial clientele of accomplished artists from all over the country.

The biggest and best event of 2007 was the day he married Vickie, a most beautiful, talented and loving woman!  They now reside in Cottonwood, AZ., though they spend much of their time on the road.





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