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2020 has become the year that no one will forget for a long time! Vickie and I were all packed up and had the trailer hooked up to the truck on Tuesday morning in preparation for leaving for our big Spring show in Green Valley, AZ. Late that afternoon, we got a call from the shopping center where we were to set up the next day saying that they were being pressured to cancel the show. We hurriedly call all the artists to let them know and to keep them from traveling there. That was March 17th. Our show the following week in Tucson was cancelled and so was our trip to the big and wonderful St George show in Utah! Since then, all our artist friends like us, have been unable to do any art shows anywhere in the country. We have already seen some of our good friends decide not to do their art work anymore and we know of one promoter that has decided to quit doing shows. Such a sad time for the arts and all those who produce the wonderful things for sale that you see in our shows and others around the country.

We are all looking forward with positive expectations that we will get to once again get out there to show and sell our goods in the fall. If that is the case, we strongly encourage all the wonderful patrons to come out and support all the artists by buying their arts and crafts. I know each and everyone will be extremely grateful!

With our down time, Vickie and I have been producing lots of new paintings and Crazy Critters for our next shows! We will be really stocked up and the selection will be incredible! Don't miss out! We have also been taking one day a week to get out and drive some of the back roads around Northern Arizona. Doing little 4 to 6 hour road trips and packing snacks and lots of water. We have found some really cool spots that neither of us has ever been before and most of the trips have been in the higher elevations, so the temps have been way better than the endless 100+ temps we have had in Cottonwood this summer! These little outtings have been a wonderful distraction to all the craziness going on in our world right now. Everything that we can do to make things feel a bit more normal is a good thing!

Really hope to see all our friends and collectors at our 2 shows late in October. Please check back here on our show schedule page for updates on our shows!

Thanks to all of you that support and enjoy our creations and we hope to see you at some of our shows in your area soon!


Alan & Vickie

Cottonwood, AZ 86326

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This newly finished painting is a little place I found way up at the top of the town of Vernazza in Italy. Vernazza is one of our favorite towns in all of Italy and we always stay there at the end of every trip that we take there. All The colors and textures are a painters dream! I will never tire of spending time in this wonderful and friendly country. Like I always say, "If I win the lottery, you will have to find me in a little town in Italy."











This new painting is inspired by my favorite time of the year in the desert. Monsoon time! Even though it is running very late this year, we are still getting some pretty wonderful sunsets. Now that the storms are starting to build up in the afternoons, the shows will only get better! I have already done several other new desert scenes, so be sure to check out my originals page and giclee prints collections to see all the new things that are available!










This new painting of the Coffee Pot Rock in Sedona is also done during the monsoon time where we get the dramatic dark skies and the late afternoon lighting on the red rocks! Sedona is truly unlike any other place on earth! 




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