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Original Oils By Category

In this category, you will see the original paintings that I have available for purchase at this time. I have been working for some time now on a new technique that combines several media in addition to the oils that I have painted with for over 50 years. This new process is something that allows me to get some remarkable things accomplished that are new and exciting! I am still using the same fine Rembrant oil paints that I have used for most of my career applied with brushes, knives and other tools, in addition to several water based media. It is these new tools and the water based media in conjunction with the oils that is allowing me to get this exciting new look to my originals. I hope you will enjoy these new Mixed Media Original creations!

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Product ID 2138-O
Memories Of Times Past

Product ID 2157-O
Spring In The Meadow


Product ID 2159-O
Floral Welcome

Product ID 2160-O
Tuscan Poppies


Product ID 2177-O
Light Play

Product ID 2178-O
Vernazza Bouquet

Product ID 2179-O
Best Time Of The Year

Product ID 2197-O
Floral Steps

Product ID 2198-O
The Stand

Product ID 2199-O
Early Spring


Product ID 2200-O
Late Spring

Product ID 2201-O
Assisi Bouquet

Product ID 2202-O
A Touch of Color

Product ID 2204-O
Civita Di Bagnoregio

Product ID 2205-O
Our Front Step


Product ID 2206-O
Vernazza Steps


Product ID 2207-O
Coffee Pot Rock-Sedona


Product ID 2210-O
Mid Morning Walk


Product ID 2213-O
End Of Summer

Product ID 2214-O

Product ID 2215-O
Cliff Palace Ruins

Product ID 2233-O
Super Bloom

Product ID 2239-O
Spring In The Desert

Product ID 2252-O
Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ

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